For SS13, Holly Fulton’s woman is all-American and looking to the beaches of Mexico for her sun-bleached Summer sojourn. Taking a saccharine approach to life, the collection is a riot of bubblegum hues and floral optimism. With ’60s skateboarder Patti McGee as muse, the collection can be typified as laid-back and relaxed luxe. The Holly Fulton woman is feeling fresh and looking forward to her heady days of sun; SS13 is a haze of heat and happiness, the euphoria of Summer permeating the atmosphere.

Incorporating Holly's signature hand-rendered motifs, the collection focuses on a soft colour-palette; black is replaced with navy, powder blue and flashes of mint, while graphic lines are rendered with a pastel touch. With a nod to classic country and western lines, floral placement, exotic skins and leathers intertwine with roses and carefully placed adornment to create a sun-kissed wardrobe.

As the Holly Fulton woman journeys down through West Coast America and over the border to Mexico, targets and highway insignia combine with the heady visuals of an imaginary LA road trip. Mosaic tiles, grids and stipes merge to from symetrical tableaus in which ladies recline, while Peter Blake blocks, badges and targets are engineered over printed board shorts, swimwear and sports jackets.

This season, materials reference a nomadic surf lifestyle, with airtex and sweat-shirting combined with printed silks and fine chalky cloured leathers. Floral sequin embroidery is intricately worked across poppy plastics and woven rabannes, whilst sporty pieces are given the luxe treatment through appliqué and beading to heighten the air of an indifferent tomboy on a carefree, rose-tinted, highway holiday.