Never one for the shy and retiring, for AW12 Holly Fulton's woman is channelling a little bit of Lady Chatterley. She's been losing herself in the heady atmosphere of the Estate's hothouses and her frivolous behaviour is written all over her lightly perspiring face. Forget the Lord of the Manor, she's had her eye on the gardener for years. A hybrid Stepford Wife/saucy French beatnik-brunette, defined cheekbones and come-to-bed eyes are the order of the day.

Holly has drawn inspiration from Victorian iron work glasshouses, waxy palms and the exotic creatures that flourish in their humid undergrowth. The vivid print and its placement has been carefully considered, pipes twist down spines and loop around legs, symmetrical valves and tubes flank plastic coated panama bags. By day steam veils powder pink butterflies sitting upon giant fuchsia orchids. By night crystal palaces punctuated with pin pricks of light attract delicate moths, a spectrum of petals repeat, layering colour upon colour.

Focusing on a restricted palate, the AW12 Collection explores the depth that can be achieved by utilising multiple tones of a single shade. The graphics of psychedelic Pop Artist Peter Max, Edinburgh's Botanic Gardens and the notion of what defines chic have all been used as inspiration. Intricate gun metal embellishment highlight smoky lines and harness surreal butterflies fashioned from industrial looking components, just some a host of details hidden within a collection which pushes Holly's signature graphic motifs to new levels.